Not Your Ordinary Home Inspection

Kennewick, WA


Dream Home Inspection Services are available in Richland, Pasco, Kennewick WA and surrounding areas

Dream Home Services specializes in Residential Real Estate Inspections

Every Dream Home Inspection includes Thermal Imaging, Video of the hidden areas, Structural Pest Inspection, and Aerial Video inspection (weather permitting).

We don’t charge extra for any of these advanced features!

Video Advantage:
Inspections of the Roof, Attic, Crawlspace and inside Electrical Service Panels, are filmed and narrated on HD Video so that you can clearly see and understand their condition much more than photos alone can show.

With video in your inspection, you more completely understand the issues found, which helps you make more informed decisions on your home purchase.  Video also confirms the thoroughness of our inspections!

We upload your finished home inspection video to our YouTube Channel and email you the link.  It is the perfect addition to your Home Inspection Report.

Infrared Thermal Imaging Advantage:
Thermal imaging provides important information about inaccessible areas.  I can quickly identify problems that can't be detected during a traditional visual home inspection.


What other inspectors can't identify may cost you in unforeseen repairs.

Be Sure You Have Infrared Technology on YOUR side!

Aerial Advantage:
Some roofs can't or shouldn't be walked on. Tile, cement, wood shake, metal and steep roofs are just a few. Most home inspectors only perform a visual inspection from a ladder on the eves, missing many potential problems.

Our aerial video equipment allows us to do a proper visual inspection of these roofs.  In addition, an aerial inspection can reveal issues not seen from the ground or standing on the roof.


Our Fees:
Although a Dream Home Inspection is for those who want the very best inspection possible, our fees are similar to other reputable home inspectors in the Tri-Cities area.  Our fees are generally based on the size and age of the house, and any detached buildings you also want inspected.

You can find cheaper inspections and more expensive inspections,but when you consider all our extra features, you won't find a better value for your peace of mind